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high-quality leather belt by O’Kill Extraction


Strongest leather belts (durability tests – made from the highest quality components and premium 3mm vegetable-tanned tooling leather.
Highest quality engineering, custom buckle components, and belts assembled by a highly skilled leather craftsman.
Due to the high-quality tooling leather and classical pin buckle operation, O’Kill Extraction belts go well with almost any type of clothing, from casual to formal wear and uniforms.
While extremely strong and robust, the belt assemblies are light in weight.
Durability is achieved by using a double layer of high-durability nylon webbing under the leather belt.
Can offer some tactical and rescue support in certain scenarios.
Not proper climbing harnesses!
Only premium materials:
Custom CNC-milled 7075 aluminum buckle (from a single block).
Inner edges rounded by hand and anodized black 20 µm.
Custom AISI 316 stainless steel pin & nut protector plate (water jet and laser cut).
AISI 316 pin locking bolt & AISI 304 metal lock nut.
Premium vegetable tanned 3mm Tärnsjö Garveri tooling leather.
Reinforced with a double layer of high durability Bally Ribbon Mills nylon webbing.
Abrasion-resistant Coats nylbond thread.
YKK rivets.
Comes in a robust Boardic plywood box.
Belt width: 32,5-33mm
Buckle dimensions: 80,5mm x 54mm x 25mm
Buckle weight: approx. 134g
Belt attachment: 9mm (2x leather/2x webbing)
High-quality materials.
High durability.
Light in weight.
Suitable with almost any type of clothing.
Can offer some tactical and rescue support in certain scenarios.
Not a climbing harness.
Belt hole measurements (cm) (from the inside of the buckle/belt locking point to the belt holes) (2nd hole is the recommended hole for everyday use):
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