E-L 10-21, P 10-19 @ Solaris



Responsibly made 3D printed ethical 925 silver or gold covered silver and coral necklace.

The length of the Sekhmet pendant is 5 cm.

SEKHMET pieces have a very special place in the heart of Kriss, the designer of this brand. These items remind her to be BRAVE and to stand-up for oneself. To connect to her POWER and to have the COURAGE to live life fully, completely and fearlessly.

Kriss senses it as a deep potent energy that rises up in he like a a Phoenix. SEKHMET energy requires no authorization, no justification – it is this intense feminine ENERGY that is simultaneously powerful, sensual, liberating and healing.

In ancient Egypt SEKHMET was a lion-headed warrior Goddess as well as the Goddess of healing and protection. The colour often associated with Sekhmet was RED.

Kriss has created all these pieces because she wanted to wear them daily as a reminder to oneself of certain values and to be mindful of oneself own personal choices. These pieces mean much more to her than just pretty or cool jewelry – they are symbols that she carries with her, they are vibrations that she wishes to radiate and surround herself with.

The brand uses 3D printing to ensure the accuracy of this powerful symbol.

Items come wrapped in a black elegant box with the brand’s logo – perfect gift for yourself or someone special!

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