E-L 10-21, P 10-19 @ Solaris


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Responsibly made 3D printed ethical 925 silver or gold covered silver.

Hathor Harmony pieces remind me to be more conscious of the VIBRATIONS. What sound, words and music do I surround myself with and also share with others. What is the tone, the intention and emotions behind my words. Am I creating HARMONY with them or not?

It reminds me to sing or humm every day. To listen to music that lifts me, brings a smile on my face and makes my body move. And when necessary to enter the VIBRATION of silence.

In ancient Egypt HATHORS were Goddesses/Gods of love, beauty, music, dancing, fertility, peace and harmony. The colour often associated with them was BLUE.

I created all these pieces because I wanted to wear them, so that I can remind myself of certain values and to be mindful of my own choices. These pieces mean much more to me than just pretty or cool jewelry – they are symbols that I carry with me, they are vibrations that I wish to radiate and surround myself with.

Aquamarine is a calming, soothing and cleansing stone. It is said to inspire truth, trust and letting go.


We use 3D printing to ensure the accuracy of this powerful symbol.

It comes gift wrapped in a black box with our logo – perfect gift for yourself or someone special!

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