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“1001 ARABIAN NIGHT” set by Marion Isabelle Varik





Inspired by the passion and mystery of a well-known story “1001 Arabian night”, this set is all about elegance and luxury. Every piece is handcrafted with love and care to the very last detail by Marion Isabelle Varik which therefore keeps them all unique. The surface of every item is textured with small dots, put there one by one by hand and then selectively painted with 24K gold or platinum, to add an extra sparkle. This set is expressive and luxurious, a true eye-catcher to turn your gatherings into unforgettable events to tell your story.

Details/ dimensions/ Size

Mug:  13.5 OZ/ 400 ml /  L: ~5”/ 12.5 cm / W: ~3.9”/ 10 cm
Cake plate/saucer: ~7”x 5.9″/ 18×15 cm




24K gold or platinum

Available in creamy white, details with 24K gold

or turquoise blue, details with platinum.

Kaal 1 kg

Sinine, Valge

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