plakat COLOUR WORLD by Bold Tuesday


Color World on minimalistlik maailmakaart ja aluspõhi sinu reisisihtide märkimiseks. Kasuta kaarti üksi või koos pere ja sõpradega, andes igaühele oma värvi. Märgi reise erinevatel viisidel: kirjuta, joonista, kleebi fotosid, värvi terveid riike või märgi täpseid punkte – päästa enda sisemine Picasso valla!

Mõõt: 70 x 50 cm
Saatmiseks plakat on pakitud tuubi ja siidi paberisse



It’s easy to forget what we were doing a week ago, never mind how far we’ve come altogether. You’ve probably seen more of the world than you think you have, and this poster will prove it to you. This world map will let you color in the places you’ve been and trace your journeys around the world at the same time! Do you remember how many parts of the ocean your feet have touched? How many mountains you’ve seen? How many roads you’ve traveled down? You will now.
The Colour! World travel map is ideal for visual learners. It’s a creative way to keep track of all your adventures, and take stock of where you’ve gone in ways you never have before. Assign a color to yourself and each of your loved ones, fill out the map key at the bottom, and finally visualize just how much of the Earth you’ve covered together. With this map, you’re able to color entire countries, mark precise points, leave highlights and notes, or attach photos to create a memory wall. They may say that feeling “small” is humbling, but knowing how far you’ve been is empowering, and that’s what this poster is for.

Size: 70 x 50 cm
Shipped in a sturdy poster tube.



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