cutting board by Elmet Treier

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Cutting boards are rarely the most decorative items in contemporary and open kitchens but they are always visible. Designer Elmet Treier, who was inspired by origami techniques, came up with a new aesthetic form for the cutting board. “Every designer’s greatest challenge is to subject material to the form which has made a home in your head,“ says Treier about combining the folding techniques with wood. “In the case of wood, it’s sometimes easy, sometimes almost impossible. “ The cutting board, which can also be used for serving, looks like a “folded“ piece of wood and it is very easy to use. The corner which has been folded upwards helps to get a firm grip of the board. Furthermore, the same folded corner also makes the board stable by not letting the wood curve. The cutting boards are produced by and they come in two sizes and materials – oak and hazel.

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